OSSA Begins New Superintendent Mentor Program

OSSA Begins New Superintendent Mentor Program

Small School Superintendents,

Do you ever wonder who to turn to with a situation you’ve never encountered, a problem that won’t go away or a plan you’d like to run by a neutral party?  

Wonder no longer! 

OSSA has started a Superintendent Mentor Program as a resource for every member superintendent. Below is a spreadsheet listing capable, experienced small district superintendents who have experience in the areas you may need to learn more about. While originally conceived as a service for new superintendents, this compendium of peers who have “been through the fire” may be helpful to any superintendent, providing a helpful, impartial and patient ear for your problems with real life suggestions of what works and what doesn’t.

Take a look at the list the next time you’re puzzled about how to approach a situation; then call another superintendent, close-by or across the state, who is a mentor in that area of expertise.

Thank you as always for your support of the Oregon Small Schools Association and our mission to support small districts in Oregon and their children.

Michael Lasher,
Executive Director 

Access the Superintendent Mentor List here (Excel)

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