About Oregon Small Schools Association

About Oregon Small Schools Association


The Oregon Small Schools Association is a non-profit corporation of the small schools themselves, an entirely separate entity.  The Oregon Small Schools Association combined with the Oregon Small High School Consortium effective July 1, 2004.  This provided one stronger organization of small schools to ensure our interests are being heard in Salem.  The OSSA Board of Directors, elected by member school districts, provides a liaison to all the professional education associations, colleges and universities.  Through their work, consideration for small schools is being achieved.

A Voice for Small Schools

The OSSA is a voice of representation for small schools in the state of Oregon and to other educational groups and organizations.  

Benefits of OSSA

The Association publishes three Small Talk newsletters annually.  These provide numerous educational articles, notices of interest to members, and timely hints and topics in an effort to maintain good communications between member schools and the Association.

The Association sponsors an outstanding small schools teacher nominated from a member district as OSSA Teacher of the Year as well as an Award of Excellence recognition for schools.

Further, the Association sponsors regional workshops designed to provide administrators, teachers, site teams and other school district support staff with opportunities to visit exemplary models of small schools.  Participants from member schools do not pay a registration fee.